Historical Places To Visit Around NJ

We all love field trips. One of the best ways to learn about history is by seeing places where it happened and talking to people that have knowledge to share.

Here is a list of some amazing field trips for historical places to visit around NJ.

Historical Places To Visit Around NJ

  1. Historical Places To Visit Around NJNJ State Capitol: This was very much an exciting trip. You can get a tour of the State Capitol building, and an insight into the law making process.  It really is an amazing building in itself, and the outside space around the capitol building is fun to explore. Across the street you will also find a WWII Memorial Monument that is just amazing.  You could combine this tour with a trip to # 3, and # 4. It is free to visit.
  2. NJ State Museum: NJ State Museum is such a fantastic spot to visit. Historical Places To Visit In NJI highly recommend it. It’s entry fee is based on donations. There is so much to see and explore in the NJ State Museum. Including a fantastic planetarium!
  3. The Old Barracks in TrentonThey do have a small admission fee, and they do accept group reservations. From what I hear, it is a lot of fun to visit during a reenactment of the Battle of Trenton.
  4. Liberty Hall Museum:  This museum is located in Kean University. Historical Places To Visit In NJThe visit to Liberty Hall Museum is a guided tour of the museum. It is truly fascinating, and gives a glimpse into NJ and US history.  There is an impressive garden on the premises as well. I personally loved it because it really gives a glimpse into the life of the residents throughout the time. It’s well preserved, and has all the original furniture, books and art.
  5. Howell Living History Farm:  Historical Places To Visit In NJThe farm is a working farm, preserved to be as it would have been at the turn of the 19th century.  The visit to the farm is free, and they have amazing programs and classes.  This is one of our favorite trips to make with kids. From their website: “Today the Farm exists in its rural setting as both an example of farming as it was practiced in New Jersey in the period 1890-1910 and as a landscape where one can find the remnants of over 250 years of farming practice and life.
  6. Historical Places To Visit In NJEdison Memorial in Menlo ParkYou can have a tour of the small museum there, and learn about Thomas Edison’s life in great detail.
  7. Thomas Edison National Historic Park: Located in West Orange, this museum has Edison’s Labaratory Complex and Glenmont. This one is high on my list of places to visit.
  8. Paterson Museum Paterson Great Falls National Historic Park: This museum is located not far from the Thomas Edison National Historic Park (#7), and is also high on my list of places to visit.
  9. Montclair Historical Society and Montclair Art Museum: These are both fantastic destinations. Montclair Historical Society offers tours of the Crane house on select days, and there are classes and programs throughout the year.
  10. Zimmerli Art Museum: Historical Places To Visit Around NJZimmerli Art Museum is located in the heart of Rutgers University in New Brunswick. They have a nominal admission fee, and so much to see and explore for both kids and adults. Seeing history through art is absolutely wonderful.
  11. Geology Museum in RutgersWe have visited the Geology Museum several years ago. It is quite a lovely place to visit. They offer some wonderful programs throughout the year. As a bonus, it is alos located right across from the Zimmerli Art Museum.
  12. Big Brook CreekHistorical Places To Visit Around NJWhile you are visiting the Geology Museum in Rutgers think about visiting the Big Brook Fossil Creek just a bit south of it. It is fun to go down to the creek and search for shark teeth, fossils and more!
  13. Museum of Early Trades and Crafts
  14. Miller-Cory HouseThis small museum is closed for the summer, but re-opens in mid-September. It’s open on select Sundays, and has programs for families.
  15. Red Mill Museum VillageThis museum is on my ‘to visit list’ for this fall. It looks absolutely fantastic and also offers programs for families and children.
  16. Historical Places To Visit Around NJMorristown Museum: Morristown Museum boasts a great collection of instruments and automaton. It is a fascinating tour. They also have many other collections on display.
  17. Whippany Railway Museum can be a fun inexpensive place to visit for those that love trains.  You can also pay a visit to Northlandz for some train action.
  18. Allaire State Park: come to the Allaire Village to learn about life in NJ in 1836.
  19. Fosterfields Living Historical Farm allows you to step 100 years back in time.
  20. Whitesbog Villagecome to Whitesbog to see a cranberry farm, explore the history of blueberries and more. While you can explore the grounds on your own, most buildings and activities there require a reservation.
  21. Batsto Historic Village.
  22. George Woodruff Museum of Indian Artifactsit is a small museum, located in the Bridgeton Public Library. A group of volunteers interested in Indian Artifacts serve as guides for children’s tours.
  23. Cumberland County Pre-historical Museum: just a few minutes away from the George Woodruff Museum of Indian Artifacts is Cumberland County Pre-historical Museum.
  24. The Abesecon Lighthouse: located in Atlantic City, this is the tallest lighthouse in NJ, and is open to public.  “The lighthouse’s recent multi-million dollar restoration also includes a stunning replica of the Lightkeeper’s dwelling, an educational museum, charming gift shop, Fresnel Lens exhibit in the original Oil House and expansive grounds.”Historical Places To Visit Around NJ
  25. Sandy Hook Baracks and Lighthouse:There are free tours of the lighthouse scheduled at regular intervals throughout the day. It’s a fantastic tour, and worth the visit. There are nature programs and more historical tours as well.
  26. Navesink Twin LightsYou can visit the Navesink Twin Lights the same day as the Sandy Hook Lighthouse. They are very close together.  Navesink has a newly opened museum as well!
  27. Lenape Indian Village at Waterloo
  28. East Jersey Olde Towne VillageEast Jersey Olde Towne Village has programs, exhibitions, lectures and more: “…It offers public programs in the highest standard of excellence, among them: educational workshops, seminars and lectures, in-service training for teachers, exhibitions, concerts, storytelling session, community gatherings and theme based projects. “
  29. Cornelious Low House is a museum and is free and open to public. It’s located in Piscataway.Historical Places To Visit Around NJ
  30. Duke FarmsDuke Farms is a fantastic spot to visit. Not only does it offer ample opportunity to explore nature, hike, bike and more. It has a rich history. Prior to the visit, I highly recommend reading about it’s last owner, Doris Duke.
  31. Newark Museum Art and history come together under one roof at the Newark Museum.
  32. New Jersey Historical SocietyNJ Historical Society has a museum in the heart of Newark. They have programs and tours available.
  33. Princeton University and Art MuseumHistorical Places To Visit Around NJThis is a fantastic trip for anyone! Princeton has so much to explore. If I were going I would visit Princeton Art Museum, Drumthwacket (#31), Princeton Historical Society (#32), or a tour of the Morven Museum (#33).
  34. Drumthwacket: Drumthwacket offers tours of the mansion. It comes with a lot of history and what has happened there, all the residents, owners and so forth.  The tour is pretty strict, and the kids have to follow rules. It is, however, free, and you can make a group reservation. Don’t forget to stop at the Princeton Battlefield.
  35. Princeton Historical Society: Princeton Historical Society offers all sorts of different historical tours around Princeton University. There is so much to explore, that you wouldn’t necessarily know about without the tour guide.
  36. Morven Museum and Gardens: Historical Places To Visit Around NJMorven Museum is also located in Princeton, and is almost across the street from Drumthwacket. They offer a guided tour of the museum and the garden space outside.
  37. New York Historical Societythere is so much to see and do at the NY  Historical Society.
  38. Empire State BuildingThe Empire State Building is a spectacular trip. Historical Places To Visit Around NJIt’s a bit on a pricey side, but if you live in the area you got to go once! It is rich with NYC history, fantastic views, and full of excitement.
  39. South Street Seaport Museum
  40. Intrepid Sea, Air And Space Museum Complex. 
  41. American Museum Of Natural HistoryIf you live in this area and haven’t made it to American Museum of Natural History yet, you absolutely must go. It is most certainly on the ‘must visit’ list. Everytime we visit we see something new, and need a full day to dedicate to this place.  Historical Places To Visit Around NJ
  42. Metropolitain Museum of ArtThe Met is a personal favorite of mine. Nothing better then learning history through art!
  43. Statue of LibertyMake sure to stop at Ellis Island for a historical experience like nothing else. Historical Places To Visit Around NJ
  44. Henry Mercer Museum and Fonthill Castle are located in Doylsetown. It is a must see place. Truly full of amazing sights!
  45. Independance Seaport Museum in Philadelphia.
  46. The Franklin Institute in Philadelphia has something for everyone.
  47. Philadelphea Hisotry Museum
  48. Eastern State Penitentory now offers historical tours for some serious and sometimes scary history.
  49. New York Renaissance Fair: While not always entirely accurate, the NY Renaissance Fair will transplant you not just back in time, but inside a fairy tale. It is most definitely one of the most fun trips, even though not entirely historically correct.
  50. Medieval TimesIt can be quite expensive, but a lot of fun! Come see a jousting tournament!

This is a fantastic spot, where you can find all sorts of field trips to go on with your family, or your homeschool group: Class Trip Directory.

Is there a place you love to visit to learn history? Did I miss one that is just amazing? If so, leave a comment and let us know!

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