Working From Home As A Homeschool Parent

One of the cons about homeschooling is the loss of second income for the parent that often stays home to homeschool.

You will be surprised how often this question comes up in online support groups, as well as in face to face conversations.

I have followed multiple sources: articles, websites, conversations. Here are a few of the work from home opportunities that many homeschooling families partake in.

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  1. Teach English: The first thing that jumps out at me in those conversations are people that teach kids English online. The most often mentioned companies is VIPKID and Jiuqu English. For VipKid you need a bachelors degree, plus one year teaching (classroom or alternative), I am not sure what requirements does Jiuqu English has. However, the hours are flexible, and the pay is between 14 and 22 dollars per hour.
  2. Test Grading: I know quite a few parents who have and are doing this. I have done some test grading with Measurement Inc. I also heard a lot of good things about Pearson and Texas Instruments. Most of these also require any bachelors degree. The work pays on average about 12 dollars an hour, and is seasonal (think spring, when most schools run tests).  The hours are consistent when it is on, and non existent when it is not.Working From Home As A Homeschool Parent
  3. Transcribing is another job that is mentioned often. Some of the sites people have used in the past to get transcribing gigs are 3 Play Media,, and Way With Words. 
  4. Sell a product: There are so many ways to do this. I know so many people that use Etsy to market things they make, myself included (I run: lovelyinappropriate). Then there are those that sell by word of mouth, from fresh eggs to repainted furniture.  Many people join multilevel marketing companies such as Young Living, doTerra or Lularoe. If you are into that sort of thing here is a list of companies that participate in multi-level marketing. Don’t forget ebay.  The possibilities are endless.
  5. RatRaceRebellion is a fantastic source for vetted and checked (as in no spam) work at home jobs. If you are looking for a work at home gig, I highly recommend you check them out. I have been following this site for years, and have gotten multiple opportunities for working at home. Especially check out their BIG LIST of work at home jobs. Among other things they have lists of companies that pay for surveys and user testing, which is a fun and easy way to earn a little bit extra.
  6. The Penny Hoarder has a lot of great suggestions to. Here is an example of what you will find at The Penny Hoarder: Love social media, then consider this social media evaluator position with Lionbridge.
  7. Are you a creative person? Then create and teach a class on Skillshare.
  8. Get paid per task on Amazon Mechanical Turk.
  9. Last, but not least: blogging. I have seen quite a few people make a part time income with blogging. It is not a fast track to an income, by any means.
  10. Other ideas: at home childcare, tutoring, teaching a skill locally.

Do you work from home? Any words of wisdom or advice? Is there a great place to work from home that is not on the list? Please comment below!

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2 thoughts on “Working From Home As A Homeschool Parent

  1. I successfully work for VIPKID and teach my children at home! It is a legitimate company with amazing schedule flexibility.

    • Victoria! That is great to know! Thank you for sharing.

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