Summertime school work: yay or nay?

Summer is almost here, or rather it IS here! Time to see what everyone has said about doing schoolwork during summer time.

Personally, our family does it all year round, but not every day. Often our activities require a deep commitment for long periods of time, and sometimes there is not much time left. During those times we stick to the basics: math, reading, a bit of science and history, foreign language and either music or art, but not during the days that we either need to be out, or studying for something specific. That’s why I have always felt that summer is essential to keep up. We use the down time to catch up to work that was missed due to other commitments.

Lets see the results!

Here is the original question:

Summertime school work: yay or nay?

With the summer coming up, what do you choose to do. Do you continue to do school-work throughout the summer (what ever 'school-work' means to you and your family)? Or do you take the summer 'off' and just take it easy.

The options were as follows:

  • Yes, we do schoolwork all year long.
  • We will do some educational activities, but not a ‘full on’ school day.
  • Nope, we just prefer to have the summer off for good fun.
  • We are happy unschoolers, we learn all the time.

So far we have had more than 50 responses, and here is how they broke down:

Summertime school work: yay or nay?


Amazingly, 53% of people that responded do some form of schoolwork throughout the summer! I am glad to know that I am not alone.

It is not to late to weigh in here. Here is a link to this question. 

We also got some pretty interesting comments. Many people feel like they fall in between to doing some educational activities and being happy unschoolers. After all, happy unschoolers do a lot of different educational activities all the time.

Here is an interesting one, especially to those of us with pre-teens: “When my kids were young, we “schooled” year-round. Summer didn’t look much different from the rest of year. However, once my kids reached high school age, things naturally started to shift to more of a school-year schedule with Summer’s off, simply because they started taking online courses and county college classes that already had that type of schedule built in.” 

Here is our next survey question:

Using an Out of a Box Curriculum:

Is the choosing a set curriculum important to you, or do you prefer to piece it together. Do you have an out of a box curriculum you love, and would like to recommend (leave a comment). Or do you prefer to have your kids lead you into a direction of their choosing and explore that way.

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