How to Supplement Homeschool with Podcasts

Guest Post by Vanessa Ruiz. Vanessa is an educational writer. Her website, Families Embracing Diversity, is a safe space for multicultural families to find reliable resources and a supportive community. When she isn’t writing, you […]

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Free Classes and Activities The Happy Homeschooler

Music Resources For Homeschoolers

Being able to play an instrument is truly an amazing feeling. There are so many benefits to playing an instruments. It reduces stress and depression, it makes us feel connected with others around us, it […]

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Summertime school work: yay or nay?

Summer is almost here, or rather it IS here! Time to see what everyone has said about doing schoolwork during summer time. Personally, our family does it all year round, but not every day. Often […]

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My goal for this website is to provide a wide spectrum of knowledge, certainly wider then my own personal one.  I am eager to learn from them and be inspired by the possibilities out there, […]

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History Resources For Homeschoolers

History doesn’t have to be boring, in fact it can be a lot of fun.  Our favorite way to learn history around here is by reading fascinating books, and watching fantastic documentaries, but that’s not […]

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Where to Create a Homeschool ID Card

This question comes up very often! You need homeschool Ids for all sorts of things. From getting admitted to Six Flags with your Read To Succeed Tickets, to Barnes and Noble Discounts.  Many people that […]

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