Great Websites For Young Kids

Here are some of the websites that the kids love to explore and the parents approve of for their educational and safe environment.

We are big believers in setting limits when it comes to the World Wide Web and little kids.  Safety is a number one priority! We also have always set limits on how much time the kids could spend playing. Please know that we are not affiliated with any of the websites listed below, they are just sites that we have enjoyed using with our kiddos when they were younger, or they were recommended to us by other parents. 

Please be aware that once you used the links to leave our site, we don’t have any control over that other website.  We do our best to make sure we only recommend websites we have used and know well, but are not responsible for any of their content, changes or updates. We can’t be held responsible for the privacy policy or anything else on the websites that we link to.  It is always a good idea use your discretion and exercise caution. The views, opinions, experiences and thoughts expressed on my website are ours alone, and do not necessarily reflect the views of the places that we write about. 

We hope you find this list of great websites for young kids helpful and fun!

For each category I arranged the pages to go from
youngest to oldest!

Great Websites For Young Kids

Great Websites For Young Kids

    1. Sesame Street.
      Sesame Street is great for the youngest kids.  The games are educational, fun, and easy to browse.
    2. PBS Kids. PBS Kids is probably my favorite site of all time.  It’s just such a quality site and full of great characters, educational games and videos.
    3. Starfall. I have several friends whose little ones loved Starfall.  My own little weirdo didn’t click with it, but he is extremely picky. You can find phonics, basic math, reading help and more.
    4. Thomas The Tank Engine All Aboard! Your little Thomas fan will be delighted by all the fun games on the Thomas website.  I know mine loved it!
    5. Storyplace is another great educational website with games and activities for the little ones to explore.
    6. Scholastic has an amazing range of activities for little kids.  You can explore many educational games with your favorite characters and books, like the Magic School Bus, ISpy, Word Girl, Clifford and more!
    7. has lots of games on various subjects: math, music, languages and more.
    8. FunBrain has lots of different games on different subjects for a variety of ages: Math, Reading, Puzzles and more.
    9. BrainPop is also full of educational games, but it looks to be geared more toward a slightly older kid.
    10. Great Websites For Young Kids Peter RabbitWho doesn’t love the beautiful and whimsical world of Beatrix Potter? The website has several games, reading and educational materials and more.
    11. Seussville. Oh my gosh! I can’t believe I didn’t find this when my little one was younger! He is such a Dr. Seuss fan, can’t get enough of the stories and the videos, and the toys.  I love everything about this site.  It’s beautifully done and has great content to explore.
    12. Reading Is Fundamental helps teach the littlest ones how to read through fun and games.
    13. Magic Tree House fans will be delighted by all the fun from the official Magic Tree House website.
    14. Cricket Media has a lot of fun reading material for kids and parents on their blog, even if you do not subscribe to their magazine.
    15. Random House Kids has much to offer to kids, though seems to me like the kids would have to be slightly older to navigate it well. Great Websites For Young Kids
    16. Mathchimp is Common Core based math.  You can practice for grades K-8 through games, videos and worksheets.
    17. Bedtime Math is truly putting in an effort into making kids love their math! Check them out.
    18. Math Is Fun.  It seems to me that Math is Fun is a wonderful resource.  It does look like a parent would need to help, or the child would have to be a bit older.Great Websites For Young Kids
    19.  Discovery Kids has much to explore: history, dinosaurs, space, pets, food, and so much more.
    20. San Diego Zoo has a lot of animal related activities for kids.
    21. Kids National Geographic has a lot to offer as well: videos, games, articles, photos and more.  Actually, this one is one of my favorite websites to check out with the kids.
    22. Big History Project looks absolutely wonderful. Lots to learn and explore. You can use it as a teacher or as a student.
    23. BBC History.  Check out BBC for primary history lessons.
    24. Nasa Kid’s Club is a great place for blossoming scientists and astronomers. While there, you should also check out the Nasa Space Place. Lots of fun!
    25. offers another fantastic space exploration opportunity.
    26. Scientific American also has a ton of ideas, educational materials and more for kids who are a bit older.
    27. Smithsonian has a ton of educational material for the older bunch. Great Websites For Young Kids
    28. NY Philharmonic offers so much wonderful information, games, videos and more on their website for music exploration.
    29. The Color allows click and color lots of pictures.
    30. National Gallery of Art has a great, interactive Art Zone for kids to have fun in. Great Websites For Young Kids
    31. Disney Junior has games, videos, activities and more.
    32. Bob The Builder has the fans enjoying the games and videos.
    33. DCkids is also full of games, comic books and other fun stuff.
    34. Looneytunes was one of our favorites to play with when the kids were little.
    35. ScoobyDoo games are always fun too.
    36. Animal Jam is brought to you by National Geographic. It is an MMO game (massively multiplayer online).  When my youngest was playing it, I liked that I had a ‘parent’ account, I liked that certain words were not allowed on the server. You can play the free version just for fun. It is a role playing game, so it is wise to exercise caution.
    37. Games like Wizard101 and Pirate101 are also great, though I feel like they are geared more toward an older kid, and need more monitoring. They are role playing games, so you do wind up interacting with other players.
    38. Club Penguin is a virtual world designed by Disney.  Looks very promising, and from what I have heard, it is a lot of fun.
    39. BBC Kids has many commercial free videos and games for kids.

Do you have some great websites for younger kids that you know and love? If so, leave us a comment and we will add it to the list (after checking it out, of course)!

6 thoughts on “Great Websites For Young Kids

  1. Wow, what a great list! I think you managed to get all of our favorites on there, which is pretty amazing, since I’ve been collecting sites over years of teaching 1st- and 2nd-grade! Pinning for the ones I haven’t visited yet.

  2. You’ve got something for everything! I hadn’t heard of several of these, I’m excited to check them out. Thanks for pulling the list together 🙂

    • Some of them I found too late! Like the Dr. Seuss one. My youngest would have loved it!

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