Computer Science and Programming for Homeschoolers

One of my favorite things to talk about. It is something I know well, and enjoy doing: computer science and programming for homeschoolers. My big kid has been very interested in programming at some point in his life. Beyond basic computer literacy. There are so many resources to go about this, it is easy to get lost in them. Here are some that we have used in the past and enjoyed.

Computer Science and Programming for Homeschoolers

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Working From Home As A Homeschool Parent

One of the cons about homeschooling is the loss of second income for the parent that often stays home to homeschool.

You will be surprised how often this question comes up in online support groups, as well as in face to face conversations.

I have followed multiple sources: articles, websites, conversations. Here are a few of the work from home opportunities that many homeschooling families partake in.

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Foreign Language Resources for Homeschoolers

A second or even a third language can be an amazing asset to anyone. However, learning a whole other language can be a tricky thing. The easiest way would be to move to a community that speaks mostly in that language and learn there, but as we all know, that is not always an option. So what do we do? We find other resources and use them consistently. Here are some of our foreign language resources for homeschoolers (or anyone that wants to learn another language) that we have tried and liked.

Actually, there are quite a few different programs and books to look at and try. My family has tried the ones I talk about here. The kids are learning Russian, and at some point they were learning Spanish as well. I am working on my Spanish at the moment.

Foreign Language Resources for Homeschoolers

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Free Online Resources For Homeschoolers

Homeschooling is not free, in fact it can get very expensive, and very quickly.  It can be a lot less expensive as long as you visit the local library and utilize some of these free resources listed below.  Some of these are amazing, and I can’t believe I haven’t heard of them until I started researching more.

When I started out, it was going to be a list of 25 resources, but it quickly went up to 50, and that was just from memory.  I decided to dig deeper.  As I read more and more about, the list kept growing.  It has surpassed 100 resources at this point! I will add more as more of these wonderful resources come to my attention!

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Free Online Resources For Homeschoolers

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