Homeschool in NJ Happenings for August-September 2016

With the summer almost over (can you believe how quickly it went by?) there are many new classes, co-ops and activities forming all around the area.

Homeschool in NJ Happenings for August-September 2016 Continue reading “Homeschool in NJ Happenings for August-September 2016”

Sandy Hook Beach Concerts

Sandy Hook Foundation sponsors a number of great concerts throughout the summer: Sandy Hook Beach Concerts.  The bands change every year, and it is always a good time.  It is a beautiful place to go and meet with other NJ homeschooling families during the summer.  The concert is on beach E, in Sandy Hook.  If you come after 5 pm, the entrance to the beach is free, though many folks choose to come earlier.  The concert actually goes from 6 to 8.  If you do decide to come earlier, the cost is $15.00 a family.  Over the years we have found it easiest to park in lot D, and walk over to E.  Lot E gets pretty full quickly. Continue reading “Sandy Hook Beach Concerts”

NJ Homeschool Gatherings and Events

A list of watering holes and fun events for NJ families, especially the families that homeschool or are thinking about homeschooling.  These are the places to go and meet people, find out more, play, and find your tribe, so come on out and play!

Please note, that this website is a newborn, so not a whole lot of stuff is up yet, but we are working hard on making it easier for people to get together!!!

You can check out the places to go for NJ homeschool families on the awesome map below, or click on the provided links.

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Homeschool Gatherings NJ:

Sandy Hook Beach Concerts

Sandy Hook Beach Concerts in The Summer

NJ Spring Prom For Homeschoolers

Minnie B. Veal Community Center

Homeschool Soccer In Edison

Homeschool Masquerade Ball

Homeschool Masquerade Ball NJ Homeschool Gatherings and Events

 Our Awesome Map of Homeschool Gatherings NJ:

Homeschool Gatherings

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Sandy Hook Concert Series: 40.478162, -74.016266
MBV Center in Edison, NJ: 40.594704, -74.360706
Homeschool Rover Soccer : 40.543909, -74.339685
Homeschool Masquerade Ball: 39.803373, -75.067226

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