Homeschool Masquerade Ball

Homeschool Masquerade Ball is a formal event for homeschooled teens all across NJ. As the name states it is actually a Ball! A great reason to get dressed up an have fun with friends. Do not be scared off by the formality of the event, most kids don’t come as dates, but more just as a group of friends. All the participants have to be masked. Throughout the night they have dinner, dancing, and then a great unmasking. Many kids get very creative with their costumes. There is a great website for the event that has a whole bunch of information about it. You can see it here: Homeschool Masquerade Ball Website.

Homeschool Masquerade Ball

Here is some basic info about the Homeschool Masquerade Ball:


Homeschool Masquerade Ball, a formal dance event for homeschooled teens.


October of every year. This year (2015) it will be on October 22nd.  Please note, the tickets for the ball usually go on sale sometime in the summer, and sell out quickly! Read more about how to get a ticket: Ticket InformationThe party goes on from 7 am to 11 pm, read the info here.


Since 2012 the location has been The Palace in Blackwood, NJ (109 North Black Horse Pike, Blackwood, NJ 08012).  It is the current location of the ball, but it might change in the future.


Homeschooled teens aged 13 and up.  It is possible for a parent to purchase a ticket for themselves.  More Info.


To have fun dancing of course! You could also participate in an annual costume contest!


You must purchase tickets in advance! Remember, it gets filled up quickly.  To see more information about ticket purchase, check out the ticket information on their website.   Also, worth a mention, since for many families it is quite a drive, many people carpool together to make it easier!