NJ Spring Prom For Homeschoolers

If you have a homeschool teen in NJ or the surrounding states, the NJ Spring Prom For Homeschoolers is an amazing party to attend. Truly wonderful!

It happens down the shore on a weekend in the spring (unlike the Masquerade ball, which occurs on a weekday in the fall).  We just attended the 2016 Homeschool Prom, and it was amazing. By ‘we’ I mean just the teenager, as there are no parents allowed in the ballroom other then the chaperons.


We met with friends to take some pictures of our well dressed kids, then dropped them all off at 7:00 pm, and a friend picked them up at 11:00 pm.   This year the prom was at the White Sands Resort in Point Pleasant.  The ticket cost was about $73.00 for early bird tickets, and then it increased as we got closer to the prom. I think the last minute tickets were around $90.00. It was well worth the cost. To attend the prom, the teen has to be at least 13.

I think what I liked about this prom was attitude the kids had. There was no reason to stress about, just come and have fun. Limos weren’t an issue. Dress code was semi-formal to formal. There were no pressures to go with a date at all. Most kids went with their group of friends and enjoyed themselves tremendously. It was just a fun night of dancing and partying together in a happy, pressure free, safe environment.

You can see photos from previous proms, as well as more information right HERE.