Working From Home As A Homeschool Parent

One of the cons about homeschooling is the loss of second income for the parent that often stays home to homeschool.

You will be surprised how often this question comes up in online support groups, as well as in face to face conversations.

I have followed multiple sources: articles, websites, conversations. Here are a few of the work from home opportunities that many homeschooling families partake in.

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Homeschooling and Making Friends

I won’t call it socialization. That word that sends a shiver down a homeschooler’s spine.  We all socialize, we function in the society, have friends, family, talk to people outside of our circle, go to the store, say hello to the smiling, satisfied person walking past us on the street. Some of us are better at it then others. Socialization is not what I would like to talk about.

I would like to talk about homeschooling and making friends. Friends. The people you get together with and have a great time for no reason at all, and can turn to in time of need. For both kids and adults healthy friendships can bring joy and last a lifetime.

Homeschooling and Making FriendsSince it is just biologically easier for kids to make friends and kids often model what they see around them: their parents. Let’s talk about friendships for the parents. For a parent that is the one primarily responsible for the education of their kids, homeschooling can be a lonely endeavor. When you, as a parent, finally find your tribe — that group of people that you just click with, it is a wonderful feeling.  The trick is getting there.  Moving past just having ‘situational friends’ (term taken from this NY Times article “The Challenge Of Making Friends As An Adult”). As it often is for parents, situational friends means parents of their kids’ friends. As adults we are often set in our ways, busy, and life gets in a way, it becomes more and more difficult to form meaningful friendships.

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Interview With Gypsy Road Homeschoolers

Today’s interview is with Yvie from over on Gypsy Road. Their family is a road schooling family, and education includes a lot of travel and hands on learning while on the road. I think it is just fantastic! They certainly know how to have adventures together as a family, and have a lot of good knowledge to share with others.

Interview With Gypsy Road Homeschoolers
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Interview With Gypsy Road Homeschoolers

Hi Yvie, please tell us a little bit about yourself.
I’m a gypsy at heart….as a high schooler, I had this dream of owning a big van and travelling around the country with my guitar…working odd jobs and just L-I-V-I-N (you have to say it like Matthew McConaughey in Dazed & Confused). But then, like any good parents, mine put the squash on that. I got a degree in education, fell into a wonderful man (um, literally…funny ‘how we met’ story), and ended up moving to “one of the boxy states.” Having traveled up and down the east coast, but never having been west of the Mississippi, _that_ was a new experience! Hubby’s job always had him on the road, and when we began a family, my job was to keep the home fires burning….until we decided to join him. My friends would say I’m not Type-A, but Type-AAA, because I’m always running and going and doing…like a busy little bee! Continue reading “Interview With Gypsy Road Homeschoolers”

Interview With World Travelers: The Kaponay Family

Today’s interview is with an amazing family of world travelers. They are an inspiration.  They opened up my mind to the possibility of traveling the world with your kids full time, and learning a great deal from the experience. Their love for each other, love for learning and traveling and view of the world are uplifting and amazing, and I love that they have decided to share them here, with us. I would like you to meet the Kaponay Family! An amazing mum and dad, and two happy teens, traveling the world together. This is their story.

Interview With World Travelers: The Kaponay FamilySince 2012, they have traveled to more then 34 countries, and set foot on 6 continents, and their journey continues on!  Before you go on and read the interview, I highly recommend you check out Reka’s blog, Dreamtimetraveler, to find out more about their amazing travels! It will really put things into perspective when reading the questions and answers here!

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Interview With World Travelers: The Kaponay Family

I hope you enjoy reading about their incredible journey! I know I did! They are an amazing, kind and loving family, who support each other, and it is just wonderful to get to know them better. Continue reading “Interview With World Travelers: The Kaponay Family”

Five Things I Wish I Knew Before I Began Homeschooling

I have homeschooled my kids for close to 14 years now.  When I was just starting out and had my older one as a toddler, it was easy.  We were contained in our happy little bubble.  He was so happy to just spend his days with mommy, learning to read, coloring, and playing with blocks.  Then came that age, at about five, he began getting restless, clearly needing more.  We set out on the path of more socialization and more schoolwork.  Naturally, I tended to meet parents of other toddlers much more then families with teens, so a lot of the points below escaped my attention.  We learned by trying, but I do think that it would be easier for me, for us, if someone had told me these things right of the bat.  I do wish someone that has done it before me told me these things. All of the points below come from our personal experience, and everyone’s experience is different of course!

Five Things I Wish I Knew Before I Began Homeschooling:

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