My goal for this website is to provide a wide spectrum of knowledge, certainly wider then my own personal one.  I am eager to learn from them and be inspired by the possibilities out there, and hope that other people will be too.  I love the idea of interviewing other parents that pursue alternative routes of education, homemakers that go far beyond the home, educators that are innovative and exciting, and so much more. As a community, we have so much to offer to each other, and seeing world from another person’s perspective can be eye opening. The possibilities are endless! My hope is that these interviews will encourage and inspire everyone that reads them.

Many thanks to the lovely people that have taken the time to answer my questions! I cannot thank you enough!The Happy Homeschooler Interviews

Let’s Explore Together Interviews Series

Interview With JoJo

Interview With JoJo The Happy Homeschooler

Our interview today is with Jojo Tabares: a wonderful mom that has homeschooled for many years, all while dealing with chronic illness, running a business (Art of Eloquence, and and more. She has kindly agreed to share her perspective, her experience, and her sense of humor with us in this interview. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.

Interview With Gypsy Road Homeschoolers

Interview With Gypsy Road Homeschoolers

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Today’s interview is with an awesome road schooling family from over on Gypsy Road. Their family is a road schooling family, and education includes a lot of travel and hands on learning while on the road. I think it is just fantastic! They certainly know how to have adventures together as a family, and have a lot of good knowledge to share with others.  Join them on their journey as they homeschool across the USA.

Interview With The Kaponay Family

Meet an amazing family of world travelers! Read a wonderfully illuminating interview with the Kaponay family.  You can also, meet them in person next week in Farmingdale, NJ.

If you would like to do an interview, drop us a note (you can use the ‘contact us’ option).