NJ Science And Nature Classes For Kids

As parents we all mix vinegar and baking soda once in a while, but what if sometimes our kids ask for more.  More science classes that is.  Here is a list of a few NJ science and nature classes for kids to enjoy.

Sorry folks, some of these places are not on the map (#1, #3), as these programs are mobile, and some just offer too many locations! Please click on each link to see the location on the individual websites!

NJ Science And Nature Classes For Kids

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Sandy Hook Beach Concerts

Sandy Hook Foundation sponsors a number of great concerts throughout the summer: Sandy Hook Beach Concerts.  The bands change every year, and it is always a good time.  It is a beautiful place to go and meet with other NJ homeschooling families during the summer.  The concert is on beach E, in Sandy Hook.  If you come after 5 pm, the entrance to the beach is free, though many folks choose to come earlier.  The concert actually goes from 6 to 8.  If you do decide to come earlier, the cost is $15.00 a family.  Over the years we have found it easiest to park in lot D, and walk over to E.  Lot E gets pretty full quickly. Continue reading “Sandy Hook Beach Concerts”