You know you are a homeschooler if…

You know you are a homeschooler if:

What defines a homeschooler? How do you know if you are a homeschooler?

A homeschooler is often a well rounded, fairly educated (with perhaps a strong slant toward interest), sometimes quirky, well adjusted young person, that speaks to adults like a peer, and can participate in play that spans across all ages. Whose parents do their best to provide an education that is equivalent, and sometimes even better, than public school education. Parents that homeschool work hard to expose their kids to a variety of topics, materials and opportunities on a daily basis. Some choose to pursue a more structured curriculum, while others feel that a more open ended approach is a better fit for their family. While you are thinking on this, here is a funny list.

You know you are a homeschooler if…

  • You are never home, and seem to be always driving. In fact, you are so good, you don’t need a GPS anymore.
  • Your kid finds other kids and adults who share their interest of the week to help them with the said interest.
  • Your kid’s friends range from toddlers to senior citizens, and they find common ground with everyone within seconds. There is also a chance that your 12 year old is good friends with a 16 year old, and at the same time with an 8 year old, and they all hang out and have fun.
  • You are probably in a crunchy co-op of some kind.
  • The word ‘pod’ makes you think of these:
You know you are a homeschooler if...
You know you are a homeschooler if...
  • You don’t really slow down learning just because it is summertime.
  • Every room of your house, including the bathroom has books, art supplies, and other educational materials.
  • You fill the trunk of your car with sticks, pinecones, snacks, rocks, sports equipment, a few old towels and lots of sand.
  • Your kid spent half their life refusing to put on shoes or coat. The other half was spent in the favorite shoes.
  • You will never step foot in a museum, or public space on a weekend or holiday.
  • Museum membership is the most exciting holiday or birthday gift.
  • You are never sure what day of the week it is.
  • Your kid likes to do schoolwork while snuggling a pet.
  • Your library’s late fees put a real dent in your bank account.
  • You just can’t have too many books.
  • Your kid and friends cannot line up in a straight line.
  • If you give them a stack of copies, and say, “take one and pass it on.”, they will just leave it on their desk.
  • Your kid never has to raise a hand to go to the bathroom.
  • You have purchased multiple textbooks and curriculums over the years, only to find that they don’t work for your kid.
  • You hear the voice of Sal Kahn in your house all the time.

And remember! You are not talking to yourself, you are having a parent-teacher conference!

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