Homeschool in NJ Happenings for October-November 2015

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Homeschool in NJ Happenings for October-November 2015

Homeschool in NJ Happenings for October-November 2015:

    1. Writers Workshop

      Writer’s Workshop happens on a monthly basis at Mara’s Cafe & Bakery, 250 South Avenue, Fanwood, 07023.  The next date is 11/09/2015.  It goes on from 10 am to 12 pm. Here is more about it:  This is a workshop for teens who write fiction. There will be no instruction and nothing is mandatory, it will just be writing prompts, writing (lots of writing!), story discussion and the opportunity to hang out with other teen authors. If this sounds fun to your teen, come check it out! Parents are welcome to drop off or hang out and chat with other parents. We do ask that if you can, please purchase something, no matter how small, so we aren’t just taking up space, but if you can’t, please still come anyway.”

    2. Education Elsewhere Open House

      Education Else where is working together with Harmony Homeschoolers. They offer a variety of educational enrichment classes for kids of all ages. Located in Farmingdale, NJ, they will be hosting an open house on November 5th. More information can be found on their website.

    3. Tutors Link 123 offers workshops for homeschoolers.

      They are mainly academic, with a variety of subjects: Math, Reading, Writing, History, Science, Art and more.  The prices seem very reasonable.  They are located in Dumont, NJ.  Check out their website for more information.

    4. Kids Capoeira Class Forming

      in Hopewell, NJ.  More information can be found HERE.

    5. Skiing and Snowboarding At Shawnee Mountain

      is accepting registrations. There is a Friday and a Monday group.  The Friday group is already open for registrations! This is a fantastic program, and the kids love it.  The Friday club begins Jan. 8TH , 2016 and goes for 5/6 consecutive weeks. Ski any time from 9am-10pm! Free 6th “Bonus Trip” if paid by November 18th! We usually attend the Monday group, they have a website to get in touch: . It is a wonderful group and we love to be a part of it.  There is quite a bit of information on the Shawnee website.

    6. New Victory Theater

      Don’t miss some of the amazing performances at the New Victory Theater.  Located in NYC, the performances are for children from pre-K to High School.  More information.

    7. PA Ballet Dress Rehearsal Registration

      Speaking of performances.  This is something I didn’t know.  PA Ballet offers free admission to their dress rehearsals.  All you need to do is pre-register.  How amazing is that?! More Information.

    8. Philadelphia Museum of Art

      Be sure to check out the amazing family programs and art classes at the Philadelphia Museum of Art.  More Information.

    9. Ice Skating

      Wednesdays 11:00-11:30 AM at Floyd Hall Arena at Montclair State University.  “It is never too late to join in. Lessons are $13 per week, $104 for 8 weeks, but they will pro-rate the session if your family joins late. 3rd & 4th children get %50 tuition discount and 5th child is Free. Helmet and skate rentals are separate, but you can bring bike helmet/skates from home. A skate rental pass is $35 for the whole session ( 25 if you register ahead) or $4 per day.  Tuition also entitles the student to skate for Free during Any Public Skate sessions during the week. Relatives/siblings who want to skate during class, but Not take class, pay $4 for admission and skate rental! “

    10. More Ice Skating

      This Ice Skating takes place every Wednesday until the end of June, at 161 Hanover Avenue in Morristown, NJ, 07960. From 10 am to noon. It costs $3.00 per skater, rentals are about $3.00 to $4.00  Beginners are welcome.  You can learn to ski with the help of your friends, or you can take lessons available there.  More information.

    11. Archery and Fencing

      Rising Star Fencing Academy is located in Little Falls NJ.  They offer fencing and archery classes.  There is an open house every Friday in October at 1:00.  The open house takes place during the time of a regular class, so that you can better decide if this is for you.  Rising Star also offers archery for homeschoolers as an introductory class on Mondays.  “You don’t need to have equipment or prior experience. The 8 week sessions will begin October 5th and run through November 23rd. The cost is $100 for 8 weeks. For students who have participated before the fee is $80. The class consists of two 4 week cycles of 3 teaching lessons followed by a 300 point shoot. There is a choice of times: 1:00 to 2:00 or 2:00 to 3:00. Parents are welcome to participate in the class as well.”  They have a website, where you can find out more information.

    12. The Montclair Historical Society

      The Montclair Historical Society has an amazing array of 6-week educational series for homeschool children, ages 6-10.  There is Craft Your Way Through History, Food History Series, Junior Historians: Creating Knowledge Through Research, and Plant The Seed Program.  All of these look amazing.  You can find more information from their website.  Just scroll over the link on top menu that says Programs and you will see the Homeschool Programs option.  The Plant The Seed Program is for kids 12 to 14, and is a service program.  Many of the programs have already began, but the Craft Your Way Through History, which begins on November 5th. Here is some more info about Craft Your Way Through History from the Montclair Historical Society website: “The Montclair Historical Society has created a 6-week educational series for homeschool children, ages 6-10, using a combination of presentation, and discussion of artifacts and the history of Montclair. Discussion is followed by a craft associated with our rich history. The goal of our 6-week session is to expose children to history in a fun way by using crafting as a conversation starter. Children will spend one week on each topic and craft activity, class time is one hour. Cost for the entire program series is $60 per child.
      Program Details:
      When: November through December
      Dates: November 5, 12, 19 & December 3, 10, 17
      Time: 12:30 to 1:30 pm

    13. Free Opera

      The Academy of Vocal Arts (AVA for short) offers free opera previews for those students and educators that pre-register on their website.   If you look on their current home page, right under the picture for the Don Giovanni Opera you see a link for free registration.   They are promising the next free performances to take place in January and February:”January 2016 (date TBA): L’amore dei tre re – Montemezzi performed in concert with the AVA Opera Orchestra at the Kimmel Center’s Perelman Theatre. (Sung in Italian with English supertitles.) This lost verismo treasure debuted in 1913 and premiered in Philadelphia under the baton of Arturo Toscanini in 1915. This is the first AVA production of L’amore dei tre re. February 2016 (date TBA): Massenet’s Werther – attend a dress rehearsal in the intimate setting of AVA’s own Warden Theater, 1920 Spruce Street, Philadelphia. Sung in French with English surtitles.” Be sure to check their website for more details and updated information.

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